Advanced Strategies 

Expertise you won't find on Main Street

After Tax Reduction, Advanced Strategies that make sense for your situation may be recommended such as: 

  • Transfer of qualified retirement plans to a Roth and deferring the conversion tax for life  
  • Cash balance plans  
  • Benefit-focused, defined benefit plans to increase top-line deductions over the Cash Balance Plan limits with an IRS determination letter  
  • Captives, to mitigate risk and much more  
  • Defer the capital gains taxes for life and beyond  
  • Very unique premium financing structures  
  • 401(k)/IRA exit strategy  
  • COLI (must now be for 100 employees or more)  
  • Company-owned tax-free retirement plans funded with our exclusive contribution premium financing (No out-of-pocket expenses for the owners or employees)  
  • Y20 – Exclusive planning for the $25,000,000 net-worth market  
  • Charitable planning  
  • Cost Segregation  
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